Social networks

Thanks to social networks, you can have a direct communication at lower cost. This is the opportunity to create a buzz and to manage your e-reputation !


Interact with the world around you


Use the social media viral effect to increase your popularity. Among the various current social networks, we choose for you the most relevant one to meet your needs and your objectives :

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Your topicality on the social network number one

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A image-based communication

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An instant dialogue with your followers

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Build a solid professional network

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From a marketing strategy and a release schedule, we create and manage for you an attractive social media page. This allows to gather a faithul community around your company or your project. Here are our web 2.0 guarantees :

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Content creation

Visuals creation and drafting for forceful and customized posts

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Content sharing

Topicality sharing with articles and videos about your line of business

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We boost your popularity on the web and we put forward your website to increase its visibility

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Social posts scheduling, community management, dialogue with your followers, statistical audience analysis

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Promotional contests and games to retain and value your followers

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Advertising campaigns to attract new potential customers


Always connected wherever you are

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