Graphic design

Thanks to our complete graphic design service, we can create for you the best visual identity and general communication. Therefore, you will become inescapable !

Develop your identity to distinguish yourself

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We create or give a new look to your image and your brand ! Thanks to our solid experience in graphic design, we develop your logo and its graphic charter that are the basis of your visual identity :

graphic design, Zedcom guarantees


A unique logo which distinguishes you from the competition

graphic design, Zedcom guarantees


A logo in agreement with your image and your target audience

graphic design, Zedcom guarantees


A logo which easily adapts to all communication media

graphic design, Zedcom guarantees


A modern logo which is a long-lasting sustainable

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We create all kinds of communication print media. We take care of the concept, the graphic realisation and the layout. The aim is to deliver your image or your message with style, originality and elegance.

graphic design, zedcom,  print medium, communication

Corporate medium

Business card, headed paper, invoice, envelope, sales brochure, etc.

graphic design, zedcom, print medium, communication

Promotion medium

Poster, flyer, leaflet, brochure, gift voucher, loyalty card, etc.

graphic design, zedcom, packaging


Dressing and packaging of commercial products

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Your communication ready to be distributed

Graphic design, Zedcom, visual communication agency, visual identity, communication print media

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